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The hot, humid climate of Alabama summers means that every home needs to have a functioning AC system. Without one, you and your loved ones will be miserable. In addition, we see a few cold nights each winter that will necessitate a functional heater. The best way to ensure that all your HVAC equipment works properly is to schedule regular HVAC services in Enterprise, AL with the pros from Prime HVAC.

As the premier HVAC company in Enterprise, AL, our highly skilled team members are experts in every aspect of HVAC service, repair, and installation. Just call (334) 500-3527 at the first indication of a problem. We will correct the issue for you quickly and cost-effectively.


Quality AC Repair

From central air to heat pumps. Our staff members have been factory-trained to ensure that they have the knowledge and skills to repair any problem quickly and professionally. And all of our repair work is backed by a full warranty. Call (334) 500-3527 any time to are dealing with any of the following common AC issues:

  • Uneven cooling in some or all rooms of your home
  • Banging, rattling or other loud noise coming from the AC system
  • A sudden jump in utility bills
  • No cold air coming from the AC vents
  • Any odor coming from the ductwork
  • Any unexpected increase in the humidity level in your home

Addressing these minor issues is critical to eliminating the potential for severe and costly damage to your AC system.

Our technicians are standing by! Call us today for hvac services in enterprise, al: (334) 500-3527!

Superior AC Installation

As a full-service HVAC city company partnered with Bryant©, We have the certifications and experience to provide services on all types of units. An older air conditioner can be costly to operate. And even worse, it might not be doing a very good job of keeping your home cool and controlling the humidity. As your repair bills begin to add up, it is crucial to know when to stop paying for repairs and invest in a new AC installation. The Prime HVAC recommends that you stop repairs before they reach half the cost of a new AC installation.

And we also remind customers that even the best AC system is only as reliable as the company you choose to install it. Our experts have decades of experience installing cost-effective AC systems to provide our customers with years of hassle-free comfort. And our installation carries a full warranty on the labor and the manufacturer’s complete warranty on the equipment.

Exceptional Heating Repair

Even when your home’s heater sees little use, it requires regular care and occasional repairs. Without a professional inspection, you never know if your heater will function on that first cold night of the season. You might turn it on only to discover that there is an odd rattling noise. Left unrepaired, that loose part causing all the noise could begin to damage other components. Then you will be facing a more complex repair and a higher cost. Call (334) 500-3527 for regular service or any time to notice the following typical heater issues:

  • Rooms that feel colder than others
  • A drastic increase in your heating utility bill
  • Odd noise coming from your heater

Heating Installations

Unfortunately, no home equipment lasts forever, not even a heater in a mild climate. As you begin to notice a lack of performance from your heater or an increase in the number of repairs it requires, it is time to get a new installation quote from the leading HVAC company in Enterprise, AL. We are known for our extremely fair pricing, exceptional workmanship, and professionalism in every aspect of our HVAC services in Enterprise, AL. Call us at (334) 500-3527 for a new heater quote.

Why Should You Sign A Maintenance Agreement?

The Prime HVAC team works every day to help our valued customers get the most from their hard-earned dollars. The way to make the most of your HVAC equipment investment is with regular service. When you choose our maintenance agreement, you will receive priority service for any HVAC issue. Most importantly, you will be prescheduled for all of the regular maintenance and service that your home’s HVAC equipment needs to provide you with years of reliable service. Call (334) 500-3527 to learn more about all of our valuable HVAC services.

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