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It is impossible to survive the Alabama summer without air conditioning in your home. If you have ever had an AC issue, you can attest to the value and necessity of functional HVAC. And even though winters usually are pretty mild, there can be times when you need the added warmth of a heater. So it only makes sense that you invest in professional HVAC services in Midland City, AL.


At Prime HVAC, we are the full-service HVAC company in Midland City, AL that you can trust for quality workmanship, great prices. When your home’s AC or furnace is not working, it can be challenging to know whom you can trust. But ask your friends and neighbors whom they consider to be the HVAC Midland City, AL experts. They will all respond with Prime HVAC. Call us at (334) 500-3527 to schedule your appointment for service, repairs, or a new installation for your home’s heating and cooling needs.

Professional AC Repair

As a full-service contractor, our team is prepared to provide repairs for any air conditioning system you might have. We are proud to deal Bryant© HVAC units and we are standing by to return your ailing AC unit to peak performance. At the first sign of an issue, give us a call at (334) 500-3527. We will correct that minor issue before it causes more damage and becomes a very costly repair expense for you.

Some of the most common issues that our pros often correct include:

  • Uneven cooling throughout the house
  • Loud noise coming from the AC unit
  • A sudden increase in utility bills
  • Warm or hot air is coming from the AC vents
  • Odd odor coming from the ductwork
  • A sudden increase in your home’s humidity

A fast response to these problems is the best way to avoid extensive damage and costly repairs in the future.

Need professional HVAC services in midland city, al? call our team now to schedule service: (334) 500-3527!

An AC Installation

As your air conditioner ages, it becomes less energy-efficient, less effective, and more prone to costly issues. When repair costs reach roughly 50% of the price for a new AC unit, the wise choice is a new AC installation. The experts at Prime HVAC will provide you with cost-effective options to install a new system. And as the premier HVAC company in Midland City, AL, you know that our work and prices are always the best.

Heating Repair

Most residents in Midland City, AL do not give much thought to their home’s heating system. It is not a feature that sees much use. But when the community suffers a cold snap, it is an essential appliance that needs to be functioning correctly. When you turn on your heater and discover that it is not keeping your house warm, call (334) 500-3527. Our team of experts is here for you, so you never need to worry about safety issues or damage to your home from a cold snap. Some of the common problems our pros correct regularly include:

  • Rooms that remain too cold
  • A sudden spike in your utility bill when you are using your heating system
  • Loud noise, banging, or rattling coming from your heater

Heating System Installation

With the limited use of heating in Alabama, you could be fortunate enough to get 15 or more years of service from your heater. But as you close in on two decades, the reliability becomes very questionable. It is time to get a heater installation quote from the expert HVAC company in Midland City, AL. Call (334) 500-3527 for a free price quote. Our work is backed by a full warranty and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Why Sign A Maintenance Agreement?

Prime HVAC uses the highest quality Bryant systems to ensure you have the best. We know that regular service is the only way to increase the life expectancy of these expensive items. Our maintenance agreement ensures that you will have the routine maintenance your heating and cooling systems need each year. And as an added thank you, we offer a reduced cost as part of our maintenance agreement. Other benefits to this regular service program include:

  • Increased energy efficiency for your HVAC system
  • Discount pricing on repairs
  • Improved quality in your home

To learn more about the Prime HVAC services, call (334) 500-3527.

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