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It can be easy to assume that your Dothan, AL home’s heater will last almost forever, thanks to our mild winter climate. Unfortunately, even with minimal use, you should only expect around 15 years of reliable service. And that is predicated on professional service and maintenance each year. Even with excellent care, these older units can begin to require constant repairs or completely fail with little or no warning. And you will be left searching the web for heating installation Dothan, AL to find a reliable company to handle the job. But remember, the same team of experts you rely on during the summer for exceptional AC service is here to provide top-quality heater replacement in Dothan, AL. Call (334) 500-3527, and know that the experts you trust for honesty and integrity will arrive quickly to get you a price quote for a new Dothan, AL furnace installation.


Common Issues With An Old Heater

There are many issues that may begin to raise red flags. As your heater ages, the components start to wear out and decrease the unit’s effectiveness. Even in the mild winter climate of Dothan, AL, the parts and systems degrade. Unfortunately, infrequent use can be hard on a heater as daily use. Making the life expectancy about the same. And as a heater reaches the end of its service, you will notice some indications that you should call (334) 500-3527 for a new furnace installation. These signs often include:

  • Strange noises like banging and rattling, or just loud grey noise during the heater’s operation
  • A significant increase in minor issues with the unit that requires repair
  • An odd odor coming from the heating ducts
  • Unreliable heating or uneven heating throughout your home

Replacement Versus Repairs

It is tempting to continue paying for more minor repairs to avoid the high cost of a new furnace installation. However, it is vital to keep a running total of the money you are pouring into your older heating unit. The cost of those tiny repairs can add up quickly. The general guideline is to stop repairing an old unit when the price comes close to half a replacement cost. The wiser investment is making the purchase and putting your hard-earned money into a heating system that will provide reliable service for the next decade and beyond.

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Choosing A System

The pros at Prime HVAC are happy to assist you in evaluating your options for a new heating installation in Dothan, AL. As a full-service HVAC company, we are certified to install all types and models of heaters. Our only goal is to help each customer select the type of heating system that works best for their needs and budget. The standard choices in our region include:

  • Heat Pumps- These are common and affordable solutions in areas with mild winter temperatures
  • Furnaces- These units are very typical because of their energy-efficiency
  • Ductless Systems- These units offer very flexible heating options
  • Boilers- Boilers are the longest lasting heating system that you can install

When you call (334) 500-3527 for a heater installation quote, a Prime HVAC professional will come to your home to evaluate your needs and existing equipment. Our team will help you select the best option for your home’s heating needs. As HVAC pros, our crew installs new equipment every day. That expertise is evident when you see the speed and quality of their work. It is essential to remember that your new heating system will only be as reliable as the team that installed it.

Call (334) 500-3527 for a heater installation when you need the best price on the best equipment. In addition, we provide the best installation and warranty in the business.

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