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Every HVAC system requires some level of maintenance and professional care to operate at peak efficiency. Ductless systems are no exception, especially when you consider that you will rely on this one system to heat and cool your home. So it will see a significant amount of use in the hot summer months in Dothan, AL and use on any unseasonably cool winter period. To ensure that you are never left in an uncomfortable home, call (334) 500-3527 for your ductless repair in Dothan, AL. As a full-service HVAC company, Prime HVAC also offers very affordable and reliable ductless installation in Dothan, AL.


How Does A Ductless System Work?

If you are interested in a ductless HVAC system installation, it is essential that you understand how the system works and the benefits it offers. These units are much like a heat pump. But instead of using a myriad of ductwork throughout your home, they utilize air handlers in various locations in your home. One outdoor unit can work in conjunction with up to four air handlers. And each air handler is controlled via an independent thermostat, providing homeowners with easily controlled zone heating and cooling.

Like a traditional heat pump, these ductless systems use evaporation and condensation from refrigerant to transfer heat. In the cooling mode, the refrigerant absorbs heat from inside your home and releases it outdoors. In the heating mode, the opposite process is used. This dual function is made possible by a reversible valve to determine if the unit will heat or cool your home.

Ductless Installation

Ductless heating and cooling is ideal for a home that does not afford the space needed for ductwork. It is also a cost-effective replacement when your home’s current system has failed, and the ductwork is not in good condition. The key to a successful ductless system lies in the sizing and installation. The pros at Prime HVAC have decades of combined experience selecting and installing ductless systems throughout the community. This expertise and our industry-best warranty on parts and labor provide our customers with a worry-free heating and cooling system at a very affordable cost.

Ductless Repair

As you might imagine, professional service is vital to the longevity of your ductless system and your home’s comfort. While these innovative heating and cooling systems are ideal for the Alabama climate, they need proper maintenance to provide you with year-round climate control in your home. Unlike a house with a separate heating system and one for cooling, the ductless system works all year to meet both needs. This single-piece unit that meets both needs offers exceptional affordability and relies more heavily on regular service.

At Prime HVAC, we strongly recommend that our customers using ductless heating and cooling sign up for our HVAC maintenance agreement. We have designed this program to help customers like yourself save money on essential care for their heating and cooling components. We include two visits to your home each year to inspect and service your ductless heating and air system. Cleaning, proactive maintenance, and repairs every six months are the processes that we have found most successful in extending these workhorse unit’s longevity.

Our maintenance agreement also provides you with priority service any time you notice an issue with your HVAC equipment. Just call us at (334) 500-3527 when you notice an odd sound, uneven heating or cooling, or an increase in your utility bills. And we will arrive promptly to sort out any problems. And again, any necessary repairs will be billed at your reduced agreement rate.

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