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Living in Alabama, most homeowners focus their attention on air conditioner care to survive the hot and humid summers. But there are times when the mild winter temps drop, and you need your home’s heating system for comfort. But with minimal use, this equipment often sputters and disappoints that first cold night of the season. And you are left hoping that you will be able to schedule heater repair in Dothan, AL tomorrow. These are the times to remember that the same reliable team you trust for AC service is here to get your Dothan, AL heating functioning perfectly as well. Call (334) 803-2522 to schedule an appointment with the heating repair Dothan, AL experts at Prime HVAC.


Why Is My House So Cold?

There could be many issues preventing your home’s heating system from doing its job. Heaters can be very complex pieces of equipment that rely on the proper function of many components to get the job of heating your home done safely and efficiently. But all you need to know is that the certified experts at Prime HVAC have extensive training and years of hands-on experience heating repairs in Dothan, AL area. Some of the common heating problems that our team regularly discovers and corrects include:

  • A furnace that will not turn on
  • Issues with a pilot light
  • Odd noises, banging, or rattling coming from the heating system
  • The main burner that will not remain lit
  • A blower that will not turn on or stay on
  • A blower that never turns off
  • Thermostat failure
  • An electrical issue
  • Clogged HVAC air filter

DIY Temporary Solutions

When you experience an issue with your heating system, it is always wise to call in the pros at Prime HVAC to provide a professional evaluation of the equipment. But there are a few simple items that you can check if you are having trouble the first time you are using the heater for the year. It could solve the immediate problem and allow you more flexibility in scheduling a service and maintenance visit for your heater.

  • No Power To The Heater- When your heater is not turning on and responding to the thermostat, one of the most straightforward reasons is that it is getting no power. Over the hot summer months, the breaker to the heater could have tripped. But because you were not using the system, you have no idea until you try to use it to heat your home. Check the breaker for your heater to ensure that it is not tripped. Reset the breaker and try to turn on the heater once again.
  • The Unit Cycles On And Off Rapidly And Constantly- If your heater runs for a few minutes and turns off, the problem could be as simple as a dirty air filter. If the filter is covered with dust and dirt, it could be starving the unit for air. Many heaters have a failsafe that shuts off the operation when there is not sufficient airflow. This safety feature prevents costly damage to the equipment but can be annoying when trying to heat your home. Remove the existing air filter and inspect it. If it is dirty, replace it with a clean one, and try turning on the heater again.
  • The Blower Never Turns Off- If your heater does not have a clogged filter failsafe, there could be damage to the limit switch. Sometimes, a new filter will correct the issue, but the switch will require replacement after extensive wear.

When you have issues with your home’s heating system, call (334) 803-2522. The experts at Prime HVAC are here around the clock to assist with any heating emergency you might encounter.

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