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Wiregrass area residents are often excited to learn about all of the exceptional benefits of professional duct cleaning. Many Dothan homeowners contact Prime HVAC at (334) 500-3527 simply to learn more about air duct cleaning as a part of their spring or fall cleaning regimen. However, once they realize that this process offers increased air quality in their homes, fewer lingering odors, and improved HVAC function, they are more than impressed and excited to schedule their professional duct cleaning with the Prime HVAC team.


Most community members learn to live with the added humidity and moisture that comes with all the benefits of living in the South. But that means they are overlooking the potential for moisture buildup inside their home’s ductwork that can lead to a significant amount of dust and dirt as well. In addition, with moisture, there is always a chance of mold and mildew contamination. Fortunately, a professional duct cleaning from the Prime HVAC experts will eliminate all of these issues and help your HVAC perform at its peak this year and for years to come. Dothan residents often also find added efficiency when our experts explain the benefits of duct sealing.

Duct Cleaning In Dothan

Because your home’s air ducts are concealed inside the walls, floors, and ceilings of your home, it is easy to overlook them when cleaning. It is not until you have cleaned and dusted only to find surfaces covered in dust the following day that you wonder about what could be lurking inside those channels. But the image of accessing the ductwork and doing any serious cleaning is far from desirable. So the next step is a call to Prime HVAC, the duct cleaning experts based in Dothan, AL.
Our cleaning process is not at all destructive, as some homeowners fear. We use specialized equipment to thoroughly clean all of the dust and dirt from inside the ductwork. We systematically move through the ducts in your home, cleaning and carefully bagging and removing all the debris. So you will not be facing a cleaning disaster after our job is completed. Once the ducts are clean and dust-free, we can even sanitize them to offer added health and allergy benefits.

Duct Sealing In Dothan, AL

When cleaning the ductwork in your home, our experts provide an added service by inspecting for any damage or leaks in the system. These imperfections could be impossible for you to locate or even notice. But they could be to blame for varying temperatures in some parts of your home and even excessively high heating and cooling bills. Once your home’s ductwork is clean, it is effortless for our experts to locate any issues and alert you to them.

From simple cracks in the joints between sections of the ducts to poorly installed fittings, duct sealing can increase your comfort level in your Dothan area home and help reduce the workload on your HVAC equipment. Our Aeroseal technology locates all these issues that we can correct quickly and safely with our eco-friendly sealing process. And you never need to worry about your home being filled with noxious fumes or volatile organic compounds. Our sealing material is made from ultra-safe non-toxic materials found in chewing gum and baby pacifiers.  

In just a few short hours, you can be enjoying all of the benefits of professional duct sealing from the Prime HVAC experts. The most noticeable of these improvements include:

  • Healthier air inside your home with no leaks or opportunities for contamination of the air
  • Increased comfort throughout your home
  • Significant savings on your heating and cooling cost for the year which could exceed $800 for many Dothan homes
  • Increased performance of your HVAC system will result in less wear and tear and a longer life expectancy for that expensive equipment
  • You will also be benefiting the planet with the green-friendly service that helps reduce the carbon footprint of your home

Choose The Best For Your Loved Ones And Home

Of course, we all want the best for our family and our home. And there are few things as important as the air quality and comfort in your home. So when you entrust your air duct cleaning and duct sealing to Dothan’s Prime HVAC, we pledge to deliver the highest quality workmanship at the most reasonable prices in the region. We understand that our high standards will directly impact the quality of the air in your home and potentially the health of your loved ones.

Call (334) 500-3527 to schedule an appointment for a Prime HVAC professional duct cleaning and sealing for your home to begin enjoying all of the benefits of this essential service. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and are proud to provide a full warranty on all of our services.

Contact our team today to schedule our highly rated duct cleaning & sealing in Dothan, AL: (334) 500-3527!

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