Air conditioning heat pumps on the side of a house

3 Reasons to Schedule Heat Pump Maintenance This Spring

Now that spring is firmly on its way, the Dothan, AL weather will begin gradually warming up. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t schedule a heat pump tune-up. You’ve likely relied heavily on the appliance during the last few months of winter, and you may be counting on it again for cooling when the temperature rises. Over the next couple of months, though, you’ll get a respite from the harsh weather. Why not take advantage of that break by ensuring the health and performance of your heat pump?

1. Avoiding Costly Repairs

When you hire Prime HVAC for your heat pump tune-up, part of the service will include our technician thoroughly inspecting the system. They’ll look for any components that are worn-out, damaged, or in danger of malfunctioning. If they find any problems or red flags, they’ll consult with you about how to proceed. In some cases, they can take preventative measures, sparing you the hassle of an eventual system breakdown or serious issue. They’ll also make adjustments that allow the heat pump to operate more smoothly. As a result, the heating system will have a longer, healthier life expectancy.

2. Improved Indoor Comfort

One of the nicest benefits of owning a heat pump is the appliance’s ability to switch to cooling mode. As a consequence, you don’t have to pay for a separate AC unit. However, this also means that springtime heat pump maintenance is particularly important. While running frequently during the chilly Dothan winter, your heat pump saw a lot of mileage get racked up on its equipment. Without a tune-up, the pump will likely be struggling to absorb and to circulate air once summer arrives. As a result, you will probably notice uneven or ineffective household cooling. Scheduling professional maintenance now will go a long way toward ensuring your comfort during the hottest upcoming months.

3. Removing Springtime Allergens

During the Dothan springtime, the outdoor air is filled with pollen. Inevitably, much of that pollen is going to end up floating around your household. If you suffer from any allergy symptoms, this will result in all sorts of discomfort. Plus, if there’s also excess dust in your home, that will make the environment even more unpleasant. If your heat pump is healthy and efficient, though, it will be much easier for the appliance to cycle those irritants out of your air and into your HVAC filters, where they’ll be trapped. Scheduling a heat pump tune-up now will ensure that the system can keep your air nice and clean throughout the spring.

Reliable Heat Pump Tune-Ups

You should aim to schedule heat pump maintenance at least once per year, and the spring is as good a time as any. By investing in a tune-up now, you’ll not only know that your heat pump is prepared for the spring and summer, but you’ll also know that it’s fully recovered from winter.

That way, when you’re returning from a hot day out at Eastgate Park or the Forever Wild Trails, you’ll always be greeted by a comfortable home. If you’re ready to schedule your heat pump tune-up, give us a call at Prime HVAC today.