Air Conditioner during maintenance

What Are Some Things That Can Go Wrong With Your AC?

It’s amazing to think that 100 years ago few homes had central air conditioning. Now, for most Americans, it’s impossible to imagine living in a home that didn’t have some way to cool off the rooms during the summer. But like every other system in the home, the air conditioning unit is subject to breakdown. Here are some common problems.

Air Conditioner Leaks

Leaks from your air conditioner can be indoor or outdoor. An indoor leak may be caused by a clog in the condensate drain that’s supposed to direct the water outside. Other problems that can cause an indoor leak are fungi that block the condensate pipe or a malfunctioning condensate pump. If this is the problem, a professional needs to replace it.

If you find your outdoor compressor standing in a puddle of water, the causes might be damaged condenser pans, a broken air conditioner seal, or a dried-out air filter. The unit may also have been improperly installed.

Noisy AC Operation

Though few air conditioning systems are silent, an AC system that’s making exceptionally loud or unusual noises is a cause for concern. Different sounds point to different problems. Grinding noises indicate trouble with the motor or the compressor. Clicks may mean a problem with the fan or the capacitor. If you hear bubbling or hissing, there may be a leak in the refrigerant.

Refrigerant Leaks

Leaking refrigerant not only makes your air conditioning less efficient, but it’s also dangerous. This means that a professional must be called in to fix it. Aside from the AC not cooling as well as it should, signs of a refrigerant leak include frozen evaporator coils, “champagne” bubbles in the evaporator coils, water leaks, spiking energy bills, and a smell like chloroform. A refrigerant leak can also cause your compressor to stop working.

Malfunctioning Capacitor

Your AC’s capacitor starts its motor working, and if there’s something wrong with it, your unit will shut off and on. A damaged capacitor also makes a clicking noise. A capacitor that’s failing needs to be checked by a professional.

Problems With the Thermostat

A thermostat that malfunctions is one of the most common problems that affects your air conditioning. You can tell that your thermostat isn’t working right because your AC cycles on and off frequently, and your rooms aren’t as cool as they should be. Many things can cause the thermostat to malfunction, including dust, corrosion, frayed wires, or loose screws. Even a thermostat that’s installed in the wrong place like a wall that gets direct sunlight can cause your AC to malfunction.

Call a Professional to Fix Your AC Problems

When your air conditioning stops working on the hottest day of the year you want it fixed as soon as possible. Whether your unit is leaking, overly noisy, or not delivering cool air, don’t hesitate to call our HVAC specialists at Prime HVAC of Dothan Alabama for AC installation or repair.