Technician Repairing Modern Heat Pump Unit

Spring Heat Pump Tune-Up: Essential Maintenance

HVAC experts recommend that you schedule a tune-up for your heat pump in spring prior to needing to run your air. This is a condition of your HVAC warranty. It will also extend the life of your equipment and improve energy efficiency. That will make your heat pump cheaper to run. With that in mind, let’s have a look at the integral maintenance services that your technician will perform.

Evaporator and Condenser Coil Cleaning

Condenser and evaporator coils are an integral component of every heat pump and air conditioner. They attract dirt, which mixes with oils into a grime. That grime accumulates over time. It causes the compressor and fans to work harder thereby increasing operating temperatures. High temperatures result in reduced energy efficiency and equipment lifespan and higher costs. To clean them, your technician will use a cleaning agent designed specifically for coils and as specified by your model.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

Over the winter, the outdoor unit can accumulate leaves and other debris. A leaf here or there isn’t a serious problem. But a big buildup can reduce efficiency and be a hazard. The technician will clear all of that out from the outside unit. Your technician may also make maintenance recommendations. The general guideline is that you maintain a 1.5-foot perimeter around the unit. That includes overhanging branches. Experts generally don’t recommend covers for heat pumps. If you do opt for a cover, ensure that it’s an elevated cover that does not impede the air that the fan blows out.

Clean the Condensate Line

Three key features of any heat pump include the drip pan, wet switch, and condensate drain line. Some dehumidification occurs as the heat pump cools the air. That results in moisture, which has to go somewhere. Moisture drips from the evaporator coils into the drip pan. It then exits the home via the drain line. The wet switch is there to ensure that the pan does not overflow.

Your technician will clean the drip pan of any accumulation. The next step is to flush out the drain line. It’s important to ensure that the line is at an appropriate angle to allow gravity to do its thing. Finally, your technician will test the wet switch.

Check Refrigerant Pressure

Heat pumps do not lose refrigerant over time. There is no need to top off as some homeowners believe. You’ll only lose refrigerant if you have a leak. Major leaks are obvious as they’ll cause the system to fail. However, leaks are often small, and testing the refrigerant pressure is how you detect them.

If you want to schedule a spring tune-up for your heat pump and live in Dothan, AL or the surrounding areas, call Prime HVAC today.