Four Air Conditioning Units Outside Of An Upscale Apartment Complex

4 Facts to Know About HVAC Systems

HVAC systems have been an integral part of homes in the United States for nearly 100 years. Obviously, technological advances have changed the way that we heat and cool our homes. While you may assume that your HVAC system is just another boring appliance that heats and cools your home, there are actually plenty of interesting facts about HVAC units.

1. Prices Have Dropped

While HVAC systems are still certainly not cheap, it’s important to understand that there was a time when only the “super rich” were able to invest in systems that would help cool their homes. Obviously, many people relied on fire for heat, but window air conditioners have been around since the 1940s. However, in those days, a window air conditioner cost around $350! That comes to $3,500 in today’s currency. Since the average annual income in the United States in 1940 was only $1,368, that means that most people couldn’t afford window air conditioners and were forced to deal with high temperatures.

2. HVAC Impacts Healthcare

You may not think that there’s any relationship between the HVAC industry and the world of healthcare, but that’s simply not the case. The invention of air conditioning opened the door for many of the medicines that we still rely on today to be invented. That means that without air conditioning, some of the diseases that once plagued the world would still be running rampant.

3. Installation Matters

It is estimated that poorly installed HVAC units cost building owners in New York City somewhere between $130 million and $180 million every year! Obviously, there are more properties in New York than there are here in Dothan, AL, but that doesn’t mean that the need for proper installation is any less prevalent. Having your HVAC system installed correctly by the team at Prime HVAC can provide significant savings for you.

4. Closing Vents Doesn’t Save Money

It’s natural to look for ways to save money on your heating and cooling costs, especially during the scorching summers we experience here in Alabama. However, there are some myths surrounding cost cutting that you should be aware of. For instance, many people believe that closing the vents in unused spaces saves on their heating and cooling costs. That’s not the case. Instead, closing the vents reduces your HVAC system’s efficiency, leading to higher utility costs.

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Having a properly installed, reliable HVAC system can ensure that your home is both comfortable and efficient all year round. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home’s current heating and cooling system, you need to schedule maintenance, or you are looking for someone to repair an HVAC issue in your home, Prime HVAC has the solutions you’re looking for. Contact us today to find out how we can serve you.