How To Avoid Costly AC Repairs

Your home’s air conditioner is one of the great unsung heroes of the household. It keeps your house cool and comfortable even when it is unbearably hot and humid outside. But unfortunately, many homeowners tend to take this essential device for granted and fail to provide the care it needs. And that behavior continues until the day that the AC quits working. Then that same homeowner is eager to know what should be done to avoid costly AC repairs and the miserable days with no cool air in the house.

To help customers avoid the frustration of a failed AC, we have created a cheat sheet to ensure that you are doing the simple things that will keep your air conditioner running for many years to come.

Don’t Skip Regular Service Calls

 All it takes is about an hour in the springtime to make sure that your home’s AC is ready to face another grueling summer. Call and schedule your AC tune-up early to ensure that you can get on the schedule before the season gets too hectic for your AC professional. Once the heat arrives, we will be swamped helping people who forgot to schedule service and now have a broken air conditioner.

Regular Air Filter Inspections

The average HVAC air filter maker recommends replacing air filters every three months. But no one knows how much dust is in the air around your home or how quickly the air filter will become caked with dust and dirt. The smart choice is to inspect your AC air filter once each month. Then, you can replace it as needed and never not worry about a clogged air filter damaging your AC equipment.

Use Ceiling Fans

Your home’s ceiling fans are the perfect way to circulate the cool air being pushed into your home. We all know that hot air rises and cool air drops down to the floor. While that makes your house pets very happy, it does not keep you and your family members as comfortable as possible. So use your ceiling fans to circulate the air in your home for added comfort. In addition, it will help lower your electric bill and the workload of your home’s air conditioner. It is a win for everyone. But be sure that the fan is turning counterclockwise to pull the cool air up from the floor.

A Little TLC

It is not uncommon for grass, leaves, and debris to collect around outdoor AC equipment. When that happens, the airflow to your air conditioner becomes limited. Remove the debris to allow air to flow effortlessly throughout the unit. In addition, blasting the condenser coils with your garden hose will remove all the dust and dirt that reduces its ability to remove heat from your home. These are both simple chores but ones that will add life to your AC and keep your home pleasantly cool.

Go Programmable

Upgrading to a programmable thermostat saves money and adds to the years of service you will enjoy from your other AC equipment. The added features like Wi-Fi connection mean that the thermostat can let you know when there is a problem or when it is time for service. It also allows you to set a program to increase the temperature slightly when no one is home to save money and stress on your air conditioner.

To learn more about AC care or schedule a tune-up or service, call (334) 500-3527. The certified experts at Prime HVAC are here 24/7 for all your AC emergencies. And we offer extended service hours on the weekend to accommodate your busy schedule.