How To Get The Most Out Of Your Heating System This Winter

Every resident will be relying on some heating system this winter to keep their home warm and safe. And regardless of the type of system, from a heat pump to a furnace, you want to know that you are getting the most heat possible for every dollar you spend on heating your home. So to help you stay comfortable and on budget this winter, our team of heating experts has gotten together to offer a few tips to ensure that your home remains cozy without breaking the bank.

Cleaning And Care

Just like any mechanical device, your furnace or heater needs to get some professional TLC and care each year. Think of that annual visit from your HVAC professional as you would a checkup for you or your pet. It is a simple visit to make sure that everything is going well and that you are healthy. And that is exactly what your certified HVAC technician is doing. The fall checkup will ensure that the heating system is clean and ready to keep you warm all winter. In addition, this is the best time to look for signs of unusual wear and tear that could result in a premature failure if not corrected quickly. Our pros will ensure that your heater also has a clean air filter to start the season off right. But it is up to you to check that filter monthly and replace it when it becomes covered in dirt and dust.

Airflow Is Essential

In addition to checking the air filter to ensure proper airflow for your heating system, it is essential to leave space around the heater. So if that unit is in the basement or another storage space, be sure that the summer clutter is moved away and not blocking the flow of air to your heater. Next, take a lap around your home and ensure that all the heated air can reach your living spaces. Move furniture that is blocking air vents or curtains that are hanging down over a register. Also, take a moment to clean each register to eliminate any dust propelled through the house when that heat starts flowing.

Spend A Little To Save A lot

Even if your current thermostat is working correctly, consider upgrading to a programmable model. These units are simple to install and will begin delivering savings from the moment you complete the installation. Unfortunately, few people think about what is happening in their homes when they are asleep or away from home. But that is the perfect time to save a few bucks on your heating costs.

A programmable thermostat eliminates the possibility of human error. You forget to turn back the temperature before going to bed or dash out the door in the morning. And the result is a warm cozy house that no one is enjoying. However, a programmable thermostat does the hard work for you. The temperature drops at night and when you are away but increases just before you arrive home or get up in the morning. The result is a decrease in energy consumption for 15 to 18 hours on a typical workday. In addition, it gives your heater a bit of a break to increase its life expectancy. And you never notice a moment of discomfort from a chilled house because the program ensures the temperature will increase automatically when you designate.

To learn more about saving on your winter heating cost, call (334) 500-3527. A professional cleaning and furnace inspection by the pros at Prime HVAC will ensure your furnace is ready to face the winter heating season.