Technician are checking outdoor air conditioner unit, Measuring equipment for filling air conditioners.

Investing in Your Comfort With a HVAC Maintenance Plan

Homeowners in Dothan, AL depend on a well-functioning cooling system to beat the summer heat and humidity. There is never a convenient time for your HVAC equipment to fail, and emergency repairs can be expensive. One way to prevent the unexpected is by signing up for an annual maintenance agreement with Prime HVAC.

Convenience and Peace of Mind

Alabama is known for its hot climate. However, there are nights every winter when you need a furnace to stay warm. With an annual maintenance agreement, our team of skilled technicians will come to your home and prepare both your cooling and heating equipment for the season ahead.

Your furnace may not see as much action as your air conditioner, but it still needs attention. In the fall, our team will check and change filters, remove accumulated dust and test the burner. We will make sure the system is ready to fire up when necessary.

In the spring, it is time for your cooling system to receive attention. Our team will test the electrical connections, check for refrigerant leaks, and clean the condenser coils. You will appreciate this preparatory work when you have a cool retreat on a hot, muggy July day.

When you sign up for a maintenance plan, we will handle the details. Our office will contact you to set up appointments that work with your schedule.

Higher Efficiency

Your HVAC equipment works hard to keep your home at the right temperature. With each season, system efficiency tends to decrease. Worn parts do not work as well, and connections can loosen with the vibration of normal operation.

Dust and debris are also a factor. A coating of dust on your condenser coils decreases the surface area that is critical for heat exchange. Your equipment must work even harder to do its job. You will see this extra effort reflected in your utility bills.

While our technicians cannot restore your system to mint condition, they can increase its efficiency. The steps they take in an annual tune-up will give you the best possible performance from your HVAC equipment.

Longer System Life

Systems that receive annual maintenance also last longer. Like any mechanical device, extra work takes its toll. Without regular care, you will see an increasing number of breakdowns and emergency repair calls. You will also be shopping for a new system sooner than expected.

At the annual appointment, our technicians will spot minor issues before they cause serious trouble. The team at Prime HVAC will help your system last through additional seasons, giving you the best return on your HVAC investment.

Prime HVAC is the company Dothan can trust for complete heating and cooling system care. Your comfort is our priority, and a maintenance plan can go a long way in making that happen. Contact us today to learn more about our annual maintenance agreements.