4 Common Reasons Your Furnace Is Tripping The Circuit Breaker

Discovering that your furnace is not working is never a pleasant experience. However, when you do a little exploring and find that the only issue could be a tripped breaker, you are filled with relief. Suddenly, you are no longer consumed by thoughts of a massive repair bill or, even worse, the cost of a new furnace. Maybe it was only a sudden power surge that caused the breaker to trip. But if the breaker continues to trip, there is a legitimate problem. And it is well worth the time and minor expense to discover what is to blame for this ongoing problem. Below are four of the most common reason a furnace will trip an electrical breaker.

An Overloaded Furnace

If you have noticed that your furnace begins to run and then shortly trips the breaker, the issue could be a lack of airflow. For example, a dirty air filter or closed or blocked vents could be causing your furnace to be overworked. In this situation, the increased draw in the electrical service will create additional heat and cause the breaker to trip as a fire fail-safe precaution.

Before resetting the breaker, check your HVAC filters to ensure that the unit is getting all the airflow needed. A dirty air filter can block enough air to cause this overload, and it can eventually damage your furnace. Also, ensure that all registers are open and that none are blocked by furniture or other objects. Finally, make sure that nothing is sitting too close to the furnace itself. Any air restriction could be to blame for the breaker issues. Now reset the breaker to see if airflow was to blame for the breaker tripping.

A Circuit Overload

All HVAC equipment, including your home’s furnace, should be on a dedicated circuit. However, that was not always the case. Older homes might not offer a  dedicated circuit which can lead to an overload. If you have other appliances on the same circuit as your furnace, you can test the overload theory by unplugging all other devices on the same circuit. See if that corrects the breaker tripping. If it does, you should consider having a dedicated circuit installed to eliminate future issues and the potential for an electrical fire in your home.

A Short Circuit Or Ground Fault

If the breaker trips as soon as the furnace turns on, the issue is likely an electrical problem in the furnace. Something as simple as an exposed wire could be causing the situation when the bare wire is in contact with any metal object or is touching the ground wire. It is always best to leave these types of electrical concerns to the professionals. Call your HVAC expert to schedule an appointment to check your furnace for a short or other electrical issue that are causing the breaker to trip.

And Electrical Panel Or Breaker Issue

If you have eliminated all of the possible electrical issues with your furnace, the problem is most likely in your electrical panel. It could be as simple as a breaker that is worn out or a loose connection inside the panel. But again, these repairs are best left to the skilled hands of a professional. The result could be a severe electrical shock, damage to the electrical appliances and devices in your home, or even an electrical fire.

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