5 Costly But Common AC Mistakes To Avoid

When summer rolls around, it is easy to flip a switch and enjoy the cool air that keeps your home comfortable. But unless you are thinking about your AC system throughout the year and providing regular care, that might be a day when you come home to a hot and stuffy house with no functional air conditioning. But that is not the only mistake that many homeowners are making that could result in costly repair bills and a few unpleasant days with no AC.

Skipping Maintenance Will Cost You

Regular maintenance is essential for all mechanical devices. And today’s air conditioner systems are a complex combination of mechanical and electronic items that all require regular service. If you skip that service, plan on spending far more on repairs. Much like the regular service on your vehicle, this attention ensures that everything is functioning correctly, there is no unusual wear that should be corrected, and that everything is ready for the challenge of keeping your home cool all summer.

Ignoring Warning Signs

Many homeowners notice when the AC sounds different, runs more frequently, or isn’t keeping the house as cool. Unfortunately, they don’t call in a professional until the unit has completely stopped functioning. Never overlook any changes in the function or behavior of your air conditioner. When you address the minor issues, you never need to worry about them turning into more costly and severe problems.

Forgetting To Change The Filter

The air filter on your home’s AC is responsible for filtering out dust, dirt, and particulates that can damage the delicate components of the system. So when it is doing a good job, it gathers a great deal of dirt on its surface. But eventually, there is so much dirt that air cannot move through the filter freely. When this occurs, your AC becomes overworked trying to draw air through the clogged and filthy filter.

Many filters recommend replacement every three months. But there is no way to know how much dirt is in the air unless you are regularly monitoring the condition of the filter. Therefore, it is best to inspect the air filter once each month and replace it as needed. This system will reduce the stress on your AC system and help eliminate dust from your home.

Putting Off Upgrades

If you know that your older AC is not really doing a great job, you should seriously consider making some upgrades. An older unit will quickly become overworked and fail unless you lighten the demand on it. Upgrading a fan or compressor is far more cost-effective than asking the system to do more than it is capable of and pushing it to an early grave.

Using An Old Thermostat

If you have replaced or upgraded your air conditioner recently, you should have also updated your thermostat. Just because a thermostat still turns on the AC equipment does not mean that it is the correct model for the job. Newer thermostats offer many added features that will save you money and help the AC system operate more efficiently. Units with Wi-Fi capability will even notify you when there is an issue, or it is time to schedule service for your air conditioner.

While it is easy to overlook some minor changes in your home’s AC performance, that is not the right choice for the equipment or your wallet. Addressing minor problems quickly is the best way to ensure that they never turn into catastrophic failures. Call (334) 500-3527 at the first indication of any AC irregularities. The pros from Prime HVAC are here 24/7 to help.