Tip To Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

Many homeowners focus on keeping their house as air-tight as possible in the winter months to conserve the heated air. But what they are not considering is that the air inside their homes needs to be refreshed from time to time. Without regular air exchanges, the indoor air can become ten times as polluted as the outside air. And that particle-laden air often leads to breathing and respiratory issues. So it is essential to find a balance between keeping the heated air inside for cost-effective heating and finding ways to reduce the pollutants in your home. Below are a few tips from experts that will help increase the air quality inside your home without increasing the cost of heating your house.

Cleaning Tips

Removing dust is essential to keeping your house and indoor air as pure as possible. Vacuum carpets and soft materials like fabric furniture twice a week to remove dust and any pet dander. In addition, be sure that you are using a HEPA filter in the vacuum to remove up to 99.9% of all particles. It is also essential to wash curtains, drapes, bedding, and other fabric items regularly. These materials can trap dust, pollen, and other particles that trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Ideally, eliminate as many carpets and soft fabrics as possible if anyone in your home suffers from allergies. This step will help increase the air quality in the house, especially during the winter heating season when air exchanges are less frequent.

Eliminate Indoor Plants

While many people believe that plants help to filter the air and offer benefits indoors, that is not typically the case. The small amount of air cleaning provided by a potted plant is far outweighed by the potential for mold and mildew contamination from the plant’s soil. In addition, if the plants are flowering, they will introduce pollen, which will aggravate anyone with allergies or breathing conditions. Leave live plants outdoors and limit the number of artificial plants indoors as they are challenging to clean and can become covered in dust.

Diligent HVAC Filter Inspections

Changing the air filters in your heating system is essential in increasing the air quality inside your home. The best plan is to inspect the filters once each month and replace them as needed. When the filter is coated in dust and looks fuzzy, it is time for a replacement.

Let The Fresh Air In

When you are enjoying a mild winter day, take the opportunity to open a few windows and get some fresh air into your home. Equally important is that this will allow the polluted air to escape from your home. Opt for a time when the sun is out, and the air will be warmer so as not to drop the temperature in your home as drastically.

Consider Air Purification

Several types of devices can be added to your home’s HVAC system to purify the air. These devices provide various levels of purification and can be used to attain a level that would be very helpful for anyone in the household with allergies or other health concerns related to airborne contamination. Some of the highest quality water and cartridge filters will even remove germs from the air to increase the air quality for those with immune system concerns.

To learn more about your options for air purification, call (334) 500-3527. The air quality experts at Prime HVAC are happy to meet with you in your home to explain your options and provide you with viable solutions to increasing your home’s air quality. We offer many options in various price ranges, and all are backed by our complete warranty.