How To Avoid An AC Repair Scam

When your Dothan home’s air conditioner fails, it can be hard to know whom to call or whom you can trust to provide a reliable repair. You rely heavily on this system for our comfort in the summer months. But other than turning it on in the spring and off in the fall, you don’t have much experience working with the system. So when it fails, you are lost and looking for anyone who offers a solution. And unfortunately, there are some less than honest people out there who will try to take advantage of a homeowner searching for reliable HVAC help when they have no AC and the temperature is skyrocketing.

Identifying An AC Repair Scam

Most scam artists are easy to identify and weed out if you know the right questions to ask and remain alert. These people are looking for an easy mark and might even walk away or not show up if you ask a few questions and request even the most basic indications that they are a legitimate contractor. So be sure to complete your due diligence before inviting anyone into your home to work on your AC system or anything else. Here are the ways you can protect yourself from an AC repair scam artist:

  • Check the company out on the BBB website. Also, research the company’s name or alleged licensed professional contractor with any governing body for the state or city.
  • Check out the company’s online presence. Almost every company has a website or can be found on local contractor boards or service pages. If you are not familiar with these pages, start with the most basic Google search to learn about the company or service person.
  • When the service person arrives, ask to see printed material covering the payment and warranty policies, work experience, company background, and product information.
  • Beware of any company that asks for a prepayment. A legitimate contractor will only present a bill for work after it is completed. All reputable HVAC contractors have agreements in place with equipment providers to get the equipment and parts needed, or installations and repairs before the customer has been invoiced. Any company that requires a prepayment is likely to be a scam that will take your money and never return to do the work. Even worse, they could be trying to collect information to steal your identity or get your credit card or bank account numbers.
  • A common con is to quote a very high price for a repair part and claim that a replacement would actually be cheaper. This is a way to get partial payment in advance and disappear with your money.

Sadly, there are many unsavory characters out there who will take advantage of a homeowner in need. Call (334) 803-2522 or click here for an appointment with the certified experts at Prime HVAC to avoid these issues. Our team of professionals has the skill and expertise to get your AC running quickly, cost-effectively, and with a full warranty on the repair.