What to do If your HVAC System Breaks Down Over the Holidays

There Are Several Common Reasons for an HVAC System to Break Down

Your HVAC system can go out in the winter for a variety of different reasons. When it happens over the holidays, you may not be sure if there’s something that you can do to get it working once again. If your HVAC system breaks down over the holidays, here’s what you should do.

Locate the Breaker to See If It’s Tripped

Your HVAC system may not be working because the breaker was tripped. This happens when the system detects some sort of issue and shuts itself off by tripping the breaker. If you notice that the breaker is tripped, you can flip it back to the other side to see if your HVAC system starts working again. While this may fix the issue initially, if the breaker trips again, Prime HVAC can help. A technician can come out to your house to inspect your system to determine why the breaker keeps tripping.

Check Your Thermostat

Many people are surprised to find that their thermostat may be what’s causing their HVAC system to stop working. This can be something as simple as the thermostat being inadvertently turned off when someone was trying to adjust the temperature. If the display on your thermostat isn’t on at all, you may need to change the batteries. However, if the display doesn’t come on even after you have changed them, you may need a new thermostat.

Change Your Air Filters

It’s not common for dirty air filters to cause your HVAC system to break down. However, if they are full of dust and debris because you haven’t changed them in a while, they may cause some issues. One of the most common ones is poor airflow. When this happens, cold air won’t be able to disperse out of your air conditioner properly. Once it gets trapped, it can cause the system to freeze and stop working. If this is the case, your HVAC system should start working again once the ice has fully melted. You can help it defrost quicker by turning the fan for your HVAC system on.

Call an HVAC Technician

Even if Dothan, Alabama is experiencing a mild winter, it can still be uncomfortable if your HVAC system breaks down over the holidays. In many cases, it may be a simple fix, like a fuse or a dirty evaporator coil. No matter what the issue is, an HVAC technician can get your system working again properly so that you can enjoy the holidays.

If your HVAC system breaks down over the holidays, give Prime HVAC a call. We can do a thorough inspection to determine what the problem is. Call Prime HVAC today to schedule an appointment for a repair or general HVAC system maintenance.