When Is It Time To Think About A New Furnace?

Unless you are the owner of a newly built home in the Dothan area, you could wonder how you will know when to replace your current furnace. Sure, you could take the stand of waiting until the old unit is no longer working and you have no choice but to replace it. But that is an option that could have some uncomfortable repercussions, like a few days with no heat in your home and little time to prepare for this substantial replacement. So instead of hoping that your furnace makes it through another year or two, it is best to know the signs of a furnace that is beginning to decline to prepare your budget and mind for the choices you will be facing.

What Is Old For A Furnace?

The average residential furnace will provide from 20 to 30 years of reliable service with some basic care and cleaning. The level of use will dictate if you end up on the long or short end of the spectrum. Furnaces in colder climates that deliver heat for six months a year will be on the shorter end than a furnace in a mild climate that is called on for only around four months a year. Age is a good criterion to begin your evaluation of your current furnace and the number of god years it might have left.

Skyrocketing Operating Costs

As mechanical devices age, they become less efficient. So when you find that you are paying more each month to keep your house warm, it could be a sign that you need to begin shopping for a new furnace. A seasonal tune-up might restore a bit of energy efficiency to that older model. But you should start to look at the monthly savings you will enjoy when installing a new, more energy-efficient furnace to heat your home.

Lack Of Comfort

It is frustrating to find that your home is never quite as comfortable and cozy as it once was. If your furnace is no longer keeping your entire house comfortable, it is time to begin looking for a replacement. Poor heating quality, uneven heating, and the need for constant repairs are all indications that your home’s furnace is not going to last much longer. Be proactive and begin requesting price quotes for a furnace replacement before you are left with no heat and few choices for an installation in only a few days.

Loud Noises

All mechanical devices make some sounds. But there is a difference between ambient sounds and loud banging and clanging. If you can hear rattling and other noises when your furnace is running, consider those sounds the unit’s death rattle. Take steps to get a replacement before you are left with no heat in your home.

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