Heating Central Gas Furnace Issue. Technician Trying To Fix the Problem with the Residential Heating Equipment.

Why You Need Heating Maintenance Before Winter Sets In

Temperatures around the Dothan area tend to remain fairly mild over the winter. However, the random extreme cold front can make the weather dangerous if your heating system is on the fritz. Discover why getting professional maintenance for your heating system is critical before the winter temps start dropping.

Improve Heating Efficiency

Your heating system won’t continue running at its intended efficiency on its own. Rather, that efficiency takes a hit due to airborne contaminants collecting on the heat exchanger and circulating fan. Loose electrical connections and mounting hardware also reduce its efficiency.

One of the primary goals of a maintenance visit is to maintain your system’s efficiency. These visits keep efficiency high by giving HVAC techs a chance to perform a deep cleaning of the system and tighten the electrical connections and mounting hardware.

Reduce System Failures

It never seems to fail that it’s during the coldest weather that furnaces tend to break down. This usually happens as a result of the unit already being strained from normal wear and tear. When the unusually cold weather strikes, the additional strain is too much and something in the system fails.

To reduce component or system failures the maintenance technician will test your unit’s individual components. They also run a full heating cycle test, checking that each stage of the heating cycle initializes properly. If something tests sub-optimally, you can plan for the repair before the strain of the cold weather hits.

More Consistent Heating

When your heating system runs, you expect it’s going to evenly heat your entire home. A circulating fan that isn’t spinning as fast as it should will reduce the air pressure coming from the supply vents. Further, contaminants that have built up on the circulating fan and heat exchanger also reduce the air pressure coming from the vents.

The supply pressure is important because when it’s combined with the negative pressure at the return vent, it creates air movement. Without this movement, the warm air remains near the supply vents and never circulates, leaving your home unevenly heated. By testing and cleaning the system, your technician ensures that it’s creating the air pressure needed to circulate air effectively.

Better Air Quality

Air quality is increasingly important as you seek to keep your family healthy and improve your system’s efficiency. When the contaminants mentioned earlier collect throughout the system, the circulating air picks them back up and moves them back into your home’s air. By cleaning the system with routine maintenance, your technician prevents them from recirculating, improving your home’s air quality.

Don’t get surprised by elevated heating bills or unexpected furnace repairs this winter. Getting professional maintenance gives you the peace of mind that your system will be ready when you need it. Call Prime HVAC to schedule your heating system maintenance appointment with one of the expert technicians today.